5 Traits to Look for in a Maid of Honor (MOH)

Wedding Planning Season is upon us! One of the first decisions that many brides make after getting engaged (some before getting engaged) is who they want in their bridal party, and which of these ladies to make the maid of honor. The maid of honor has a lot of responsibility during the planning phases and on your wedding day to hold the bridal party together and help things run smoothly. Below are a few things to think about, and reasons why, as you make this important decision!

1) She Understands Your Personality: Some brides select a MOH based on how long they’ve known each of their friends, while others may choose whomever they are closest to at the moment. This decision is personal, but it does help a lot if you make sure that whoever you do choose understands your personality and what you like. The MOH is responsible for the bridal shower, bachelorette party and assisting on the morning of the wedding as everyone gets ready. If you for instance recently become more reserved, you may not be too happy with a wild, Vegas themed surprise bachelorette party. Does she know that you hate bridal shower games? Does she know that you want an alternative bachelorette party or to even forgo it?

2) She Easy to Get Along With: While planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party and helping on the morning of the wedding, your MOH will be working with the rest of your bridesmaids whom she may not already have an existing relationship with. Most bridal parties are a mix of siblings, cousins, high school friends, college friends, church friends etc who do not all necessarily move in the same circles. You also will not be there to mediate every meeting that they have, particularly if they choose to keep these events as surprises. Its a big plus when your maid of honor can be the glue between all of these people to help ensure that everyone is comfortable, gets along and can get tasks done on time.

3) She’s A Great Organizer……………….or Good at Delegating: As you can tell from the posts above, the MOH is typically in charge of at least two pre-wedding events. No matter how small, all events require a whole lot of organization. If your MOH is not the best at organizing things and people, it helps if she recognizes the need to delegate and knows when to defer to a professional, or someone else in the bridal party to pull these events off.

4) She’s Time Conscious: Being on time is extremely important for any event. Most spaces have strict time constraints on when you can use them and when you must leave. Excessive lateness can cause a rushed program or for certain aspects to be rushed or left out. It also takes a lot to be on time on your wedding day – between the excitement of the day and just wanting to enjoy time with your friends, scheduling makeup with your makeup artist and other things that always come up along the way such as looking for that second shoe or earring, it just takes a lot to get everyone out of the hotel room and to the ceremony on time. The MOH has to be time conscious and first be able to get herself ready on time, and also keep the other ladies timely so that everyone makes it on time.

5) She’s Focused On Making This Your Day: Unfortunately, I’ve seen many MOH’s who seem to think that it is their day. When I was a teenager, I’ll never forget serving as a junior bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding and being completely confused by the MOH’s behavior. While my cousin struggled to get into her dress with still drying nails, the MOH was in the mirror fixing her eyebrows and installing fake lashes – not a care in the world. She even mentioned that she knew this would be a big wedding and her husband must be out there somewhere – clearly she was more focused on finding said husband than on being a bridesmaid. It all worked out because a few of us cousins were around to help…….but that was just an experience that I always remember. You want to make sure that this person is focused on making this your day, and making you happy. Even if they hate pink, it shouldn’t matter that you are deciding to have a pink wedding, because they are doing it for you. I’ve seen amazing MOH’s since I’ve started this business and they always take extra steps to make sure that the bride is happy. From calling me just to ask for tips or share areas of concern that they’d like for me to help with, to catering brunch on the morning of to make sure that everyone is comfortable and so much more-without the bride ever asking. Make sure you surround yourself with people like this on your wedding day, starting with the MOH.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post! Be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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