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This Weekend’s Event – BOLD Convention

This weekend, we’re taking a break from weddings, and focusing on another area that we love – Non Profit Events! I’ve been working hard over the past few months to coordinate the BOLD Convention, a 3 day affair by Caleb Crew, the teenage church at Jesus House DC.

Tonight (Friday) – we’ll be taking over downtown Silver Spring, and building an outdoor stage, and bringing high energy artists and ministers to get the teens excited about living for God!

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[Venue] Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center – Save 15% With Us!

The Samiel Riggs IV Alumni Center really is a beautiful space, and while many people don’t think of college campus as an ideal space for an upscale wedding, this space is definitely far from the norm. Some pictures and facts on this space are below, as well as information on how we can save you money on your booking!

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