Top 5 Honeymoon Locations in the US

top 5 honeymoon locations in the us americWhile planning weddings, we do many times meet couples who want to have a romantic honeymoon, but without leaving the US. The reasons span the gamete of either not having the legal paperwork ready in time or simply just not wanting to deal with customs/cell phone issues. Well, we’ve compiled a list of great options that don’t require anything more than a driver’s license! Read more below:

5) New Orleans – This area is very rich with culture, and an amazing Night life scene! You could hit Bourbon Street every night, and find a new adventure while out there! And if you and your fiance are into community service or historic tours during the day, there are many opportunities to experience that during your trip as well.

4) Los Angeles – Live a rich and fabulous lifestyle for a few days after your wedding in LA! You have a choice of posh restaurants and shopping during the day, or sitting out on a local beach, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

3) Las Vegas – Vegas is a popular spot for bachelor/bachelorette parties, but if you’re an adventurous couple, its also a great place to honeymoon. There are lots of great shows to see and nightlife the explore over the weekend, and hey, you may even come back home with a little extra cash!

2) Florida (Ft Lauderdale/Miami) – Florida is known for having some amazing beaches! If you’re looking to spend your entire vacation in or around water, this is a great place to go as long as your stay clear of popular college travel times (ie Spring Break or Memorial Day).

1) Puerto Rico – Now, I may be a bit biased since I just returned from here, but I think that Puerto Rico is the ultimate vacation spot within the US, primarily because it doesn’t feel like the US. Even though it became a territory over a decade ago, most locals don’t speak English, and many of their local food, rum, beaches, rainforest and sites can easily remind you of being in another country. They also have a beach, Culebra, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I hope that you enjoyed this, and that it helped you to select your next honeymoon location! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, and contact us below to be added to our newsletter, or find out more about our wedding planning/decor packages!



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