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3 Month Wedding Planning in Washington DC

3 Month Washington DC Wedding Planner

Are you considering a 3 month wedding planning timeline? Yes! This is doable, and lots of people do this for many reasons. Below are a few tips to help you determine if a 3 month timeline is right for you, and to ensure that you make the most of it without driving yourself nuts in the […]

Kissing – Fun Facts, Etiquette & More!

The big kiss is a huge part of any wedding ceremony. Kissing is also an essential piece to any healthy marriage! Did you know that men who kiss their wives everyday live on average 5 years longer than those who don’t? Read more interesting facts in the SimplyBridal infographic below!     Click here to […]

5 Traits to Look for in a Maid of Honor (MOH)

Wedding Planning Season is upon us! One of the first decisions that many brides make after getting engaged (some before getting engaged) is who they want in their bridal party, and which of these ladies to make the maid of honor. The maid of honor has a lot of responsibility during the planning phases and […]

FREE Bridal Bootcamp – September 6th

bridal bootcamp maryland divas and dolls fitness

  Fall is the perfect time to start planning those 2015 weddings and to start training for those summer 2015 beach bodies so we’re excited to partner with Divas and Dolls Fitness to kick this fall off with an amazing, free event! In just 2 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a great weekend […]

5 Things to Look for In A Wedding Venue

st regis hotel wedding ny washington dc

About two weeks ago, we hosted an intimate discussion with tips and information on what to look for in a wedding venue. In case you missed it, or didn’t sign up on time, a few general guidelines are summarized below along with a few pictures of our past events! Size: This may seem obvious on […]