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1518At Statuesque Events, our goal is simple. To ensure that your vision comes to life, and that you are the guests of honor at your event. We handle the logistics, ensuring plenty of time for photos, and private moments during the day so that you can enjoy your wedding. Hiring us ensures that you spend your day in the moment, and not on the phone with all of your vendors. We offer two levels of wedding planning:

Full Service Planning: With this package, we plan your wedding timeline, budget and guide you through making the best venue and vendor selections for your wedding. Wedding planning can very quickly become overwhelming with so many decisions to make in a short period of time, especially when you are not sure what to look for in vendors and their agreements. Our job is to help you navigate through all of this seamlessly. This package also includes day of execution of all of the plans. 

Month of Coordination:  This package is for the bride who has already planned her wedding, found a venue and vendors, but would like to be the bride rather than the planner on her wedding day. With this package, we engage you 6 weeks prior to your wedding day to begin transitioning all of your wedding information, contacting your vendors and also assisting you with creating a detailed day of schedule for your vendors to ensure that the day runs smoothly. 



Should I hire a planner before booking a venue? Where possible, I always recommend that couples hire a planner before booking a venue. Selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions that you can make during the wedding planning process, and its important to make the right choice for you. In fielding inquiries from Month of Coordination and Floral design clients, I have seen many clients come to me who still needed to book multiple vendors and/or wanting elaborate decor, but could not afford it because they spent too much on of their budget on a venue package without a clear understanding of their other wedding needs and the costs. Others later regretted rushing into certain venues because of the furniture or food choices, but were locked into agreements. Our approach is to understand your vision, and present you with options that allow you to have a balanced approach, explain the pros and cons of each space to you and to ultimately create a beautiful wedding. 

What common mistakes should I avoid when planning my wedding? A few of the biggest mistakes that month of coordination clients make from time to time is engaging with us too late. Generally speaking, brides are buried in files, contracts, and other documents, so when we ask for wedding information it comes to us in spurts over time. This is why we allot so much time for Month of Coordination. That said, when a bride waits until a two to three days before the wedding to send information which sometimes is incomplete to us, it affects our ability to fully understand her vision, and affects her ability to remain in the moment and out of the logistics on the wedding day. We give you 6 weeks of consultation time prior to your wedding, and we encourage every Month of Coordination client to take advantage of it! 

How hands on should I be in the wedding planning process? This differs from couple to couple. I’ve worked with some clients who want to see every option available before making a decision, and with others who would like to be more hands off, and allow us to present them with one final option which matches both the need and budget so that they have less work ahead of them.  The most important thing however, is that you are prepared to make decisions, and return contracts/payments when they are due. 


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